EWC Master In Barbering

12 weeks – Beginners NVQ 2 & 3


Beginner to Qualified Barber NVQ2&3

Over the period of 12 weeks of full time cutting, we are going to take you from zero to hero so that you graduate with the right skills set and techniques in cutting men's hair at an advanced level. Some of the main topics covered are scissor cuts, skin fading, razor touch ups, wet shaving, advanced men's haircuts and styling, cutthroat wet shaving, beard trimming, consultations, a fading competition and a final presentation.

At EWC we aim to qualify over hundreds of barbers every year. Our hands-on practical training approach is proven to deliver quality results. This means you won't be spending all your time in books studying theory.

EWC expert educators will be beside you at all times to oversee, build confidence, develop your skill set and produce quality results. Classes are between 4 to 8 students, with students of all ages and both genders.


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Step 1 - We teach you the EWC essentials of cutting men's hair with scissors and clippers. Here you will have your firstintroduction to all the tools of the trade, you'll learnhow to properly hold each tool and how to use them. You will then learn to section the hair on the head, and you will practice techniques on a mannequin head.

Step 2 - Once you have acquired the right techniques from Step 1, you will practice these techniques hands-on, on real clients, which will be provided by the college. With each cut and service you will have our expert educators right beside you giving you guidance feedback and support. Along side your training you will also get the chance to watch the expert educators cutting hair and providing services, you will have the chance to ask questions during the service.

Step 3 - Your next advancement would be to focus on refining and finishing techniques. You will be taught methods to put your own signature to haircuts through drying, styling and finally finishing techniques. You will be assessed on the overall quality and the outcome of your haircut, which will need to meet the EWC standard. Final stage of step 3 you will participate in a class competition, in which you will present your best haircut against your peers and be rated.

Step 4 - In the final stage you will move on to more advance level 3 skills. You will acquire different techniques and learning how to do cutthroat shaving, advance fading, advance scissor cuts and advance styling. The aim is to push you to both creatively and technically. You will be provided clients to enhance on and also use demonstrations to break down advanced cutting methods in order for you to master these techniques.To conclude this step you will need to prepare a model based on a theme, you will present he/she to your peers to show of your creativity and technicalexpertise.

* You must provide your own model for your final presentation day. Should you fail to do this, you will not gain the entire NVQ 3 qualification.

There are four mandatory units in this qualification for you to study including:

  • Provide client consultation services
  • Creatively cut hair using a combination of barbering techniques
  • Design and create a range of facial hair shapes
  • Provide shaving services


Full Time: 12 weeks - Monday to Friday 10:00 - 19:00

We accept overseas students visiting on tourist visas and can provide housing options. If you are from a country that is part of the European Union then you likely will be able to travel to the UK without obtaining a separate visa. If you are from outside of the EU then you will need to apply for a tourist travel visa from the UK government, which you can do here:

What could this qualification lead to?

Learners who complete this qualification are eligible to become a State Registered Barber (SRB) with The Hairdressing Council.

Career opportunities as an all hair types hairdresser exist in a variety of contexts, including

  • Commercial barbershops/salons
  • Independent/self-employed/mobile/home-based settings
  • Product manufacturing and training
  • Armed services
  • HM Prison service
  • Cruise liners
  • Hospitals/care homes

Further Learning Opportunities:

Whilst this qualification's primary purpose is to prepare you for employment as a senior barber/men's hairdresser you may choose to complement your skills base or become a specialist in a particular field of hairdressing by undertaking advanced specialist qualifications at Level 4:

  • VTCT Level 4 Award in Creative Male Grooming
  • VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Salon Management
  • VTCT Level 4 Diploma in Salon Management
  • VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Specialist Hair and Scalp Services
  • VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Hair Colour Correction